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Deacon of the Day

7/8 (Sun), Deacon
7/9 (Mon), Deacon
7/10 (Tue),  Deacon
7/11 (Wed), Deacon
7/12 (Thu), Deacon
7/13 (Fri), Deacon
7/14 (Sat), Deacon

Upcoming Events:

  • Jurisdictional Department of Women open registration
  • 2018 Men's Conference - Wednesday, July 11 & Sunday, July 15th
  • NBC traveling to Breakthrough Ministries on Sunday, July 15th
  • Greater NC Jurisdictional Holy Convocation - Monday, July 23rd - Friday, July 27th
  • NBC WOD Secret Sister Event - June 3 - August 2018
  • Young Adult Ministry Outreach Event to help the homeless.
  • Outreach Ministry serving at Women's Shelter every 3rd Saturday @ Shelter on Statesville Ave

Note: See below for all details pertaining to the above upcoming events

NBC Traveling to...

Note: Please sign up to ride the provided transportation if necessary.

  • NBC traveling to Breakthrough Ministries on Sunday, July 15th
  • NBC traveling to Wendell, NC for the Greater NC Jurisdictional Holy Convocation


Jurisdictional Department of Women

The Jurisdictional Dept. of Women has opened registration for the 2018 Women's Convention.  The web address is www.gncwomen.org, please secure your pink/white card as soon as possible.

2018 Men's Conference

The 2018 Men's Conference will commence on Wednesday, July 11 & July 15.  The speakers are:

    • 7/11: Bishop Jason Nelson
    • 7/12: General Board Member, Bishop Brandon Porter
    • 7/14: Men's Community Fellowship
    • 7/15: Elder Roderick Johnson (8 AM Service)
    • 7/15: Supt. Bruce McCoy - Bible Outreach, Grand Rapids, MI (10 AM Service)
    • 7/15: Bishop Tommie Murphy, Host Pastor (12 Noon Service)

NBC at Breakthrough Ministries

NBC will be traveling to Breakthrough Ministries located in Concord, NC at 4:00 PM on Sunday, July 15, 2018.

Greater NC Jurisdictional Holy Convocation

Monday, July 23 - Friday, July 27 is the Jurisdictional Holy Convocation at the State Headquarters located at 1601 Wendell Blvd. Wendell, NC.

WOD Secret Sister Event

The WOD will be hosting their 2018 Secret Sister event starting Sunday, June 3rd, 2018. We encourage all ladies to participate in this great event. This event will run from June 3 through August 2018.

Young Adult Ministry

Young Adult Ministry will be doing an outreach, ministering "emergency packages" to the homeless. Please see Brother Aaron Martin or Sister Morgan Charles for additional information.

90 Minute IMPACT Service

Remember to come on Saturdays for our 90 Minute IMPACT Service from 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM.

Marriage Ministry

The Marriage Ministry will meet on the 2nd Sunday of the each month, immediately following the 12 noon service.

Beautification Ministry

If you appreciate the cleanliness of our church please consider joining the Beautification Ministry. Contact Elder Blevins or Brother Gonzalez to join.

24 Hour Prayer Line

The Lord declared in Luke 18:1..."men ought to always pray and not faint." Please join in with the saints on the 24-hour prayer line at this number (218) 632-9315 pass code: 623791#. Please continue to keep our Bishop, Bishop LeRoy Jackson Woolard, in prayer. We are believing God for miracles on his behalf.

Outreach Ministry

The Outreach Ministry for the Women's Shelter serves every 3rd Saturday at the shelter on Statesville Avenue. They are requesting donations of large can food items and bulk packaged meats to assist with this monthly ministry. Please see Missionary Littlejohn or Sister Tonya Boone for more information.

Intercessory Prayer

Intercessory Prayer is held here at the church daily Monday thru Friday at noon, every Monday evening from 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM, and Saturday mornings from 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM.

Wellness and Bereavement Ministry

Wellness and Bereavement Group for the week is Group 2.

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