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Altar Workers

Mission Statement

To help people to reach and realize transformation and hope through the reconciling and healing ministry of the holy ghost at the place of change: the altar.

Goal of Ministry

To invite, invoke, and seek God's presence, guidance, and answer(s) with those lives we touch through prayer with the expectation of life transformation.  We also encourage people to welcome and cultivate a life of prayer as a means of communication and relationship with God.


An altar ministry is by far one of the most impactful and meaningful ministries alive in the local church today.  The New Bethel Altar Ministry is composed of a powerful team of anointed, praying men and women who aim to please God while touching the lives they encounter through prayer.  We believe in partnership, networking, and collaboration.  It is our belief that partnering together as a ministry team, through fellowship and interactiveness for the increasing of effectiveness and efficiency in the ministry is essential.  Networking with each other in the church to bring unity and clarity to the purpose, order, and will of God by following our leader as he follows Christ is what we seek to do.  We believe that collaborating collectively on all matters of ministry for greater participation through prayer will reap greater results yielding divine order.

Date/Time of Events

Serving Schedule

Sunday - 8AM, 10AM, 12PM

Monday - 6:30 PM; Wednesday - 7:15PM

We are on call according to Pastor Murphy's travel and special service schedule(s).