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Transportation Department

The New Bethel Church Transportation Ministry is an outreach ministry designed to provide shuttle service to members of the church and the broader community to and from Christ-centered activities.


Welcome to the Transportation Ministry

Do you need a ride to church?


In an impersonal world, reliable church rides can be very hard to find. 

This problem can be solved by the New Bethel Church

Transportation Ministry.


The church shuttle service will gladly pick you up for Sunday morning

worshipor Wednesday Night Bible Study and return you home safely.


Ride Request Process

  • 1. Call 704-391-3053 for Transportation Dept.

  • 2. Leave detailed message with the following required information (spelling out names and street names helps us to gather your information accurately):

    • First & Last Name

    • Address

    • Phone number

    • Date/Service you would like to attend

    • Number of passengers

The maximum van wait time is 5 minutes once we reach your destination. This is to ensure everyone is able to attend the service they requested in a timely fashion. The van driver may blow horn or reach out to you by phone when arriving at your destination.


Sunday Morning Worship

We provide transportation for 10AM & 12PM Sunday Worship services, all requests must be requested by Saturday night at 8pm.


Wednesday Night Bible Study

For Wednesday Night Bible Study 6:30PM & 7:30PM, all requests must be requested by Wednesday at 3pm.

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